Benefits Of Exercising In Water


Attaining a sexy and willowy silhouette has been on nearly every individual’s New Year’s resolution list because a slim and fit body is deemed to be the direct ticket to popularity, healthy life and longevity. But did you know that your nearby swimming pool possesses the power to imbue you with a sense of well-being, enhanced vitality and verve and while revving your efforts to slim and trim down your fleshy frame. There are innumerable health benefits to grab your swimsuit, goggles and cap and hit the water so peruse through these surprising advantages and go ahead and enjoy a splash.

An absolute body workout:

Swimming offers the individual with the benefit that no other aerobic exercise can boast of-the capability to recruit the entire muscle groups in the body in one go without putting any severe impact on the skeletal system.

Enhances muscle mass, flexibility and stamina:

When an individual thrusts himself against the force of water he has to make sublime effort to bear the resistance of water. This lengthens and stretches the entire body and so is deemed to be the ideal way to intensify muscle tone and stamina. In addition propelling against the thrust of water improves body flexibility, balance and posture.

Best way to sustain cardio and respiratory fitness:

Aside form toning and strengthening the visible muscles like the biceps, triceps and quads, swimming also reinforces the most significant muscle in the body-heart.  It fortifies the heart and lungs, improves the pumping and breathing system and so reduces the risk of coronary and respiratory diseases. Moreover, a research concluded that the blood pressure and cholesterol levels are regulated, risk of diabetes is reduced and cognitive functioning is improved with swimming.

 Trims body and manages weight:

A swimming workout for an hour can easily burn off 500 calories per hour and if the swimming intensity level is high it can torch up to 700 calories per hour. Furthermore, water is much denser in comparison to air so each stroke, push and thrust simulates resistance training and consequently assists you in blasting away calories and pounds and packing on a leaner and sexier look.

Ideal for obese individuals:

When the body is immersed in water, it becomes lighter. If you dunk yourself to the neck you only have to bear 10% of your body weight. This makes swimming a perfect form of exercise for obese individuals as it renders them the opportunity to perform water aerobic exercises without worrying about the gravity taxing their joints or flabby muscles.

Recommended for arthritis patients and injured people:

Water has a neutralizing effect on gravity and it is a low impact exercise which makes it a perfect workout to adopt for those enduring the ravages of arthritis or recuperating from an injury or accident.

Besides the host of these health benefits’, swimming is a great way to de-stress and unwind your body and mind as all the stretching and lengthening has a soothing and calming effect on the body. It balms the soul, releases the feel-good hormones, elevates mood and spirit and is a great way to beat the heat in summertime. So gear up and append “learning to swim” to your New Year resolution.