Best Foods To Eat Before And After Your Workout



Your daily workout is the reason why you still are fit. To achieve that slim and toned body must have taken you months. But, there are many who still suffer without losing weight. There are medical reasons which you might have to check with a physician. But you do need to remember to keep a balanced and healthy diet to live a healthy life. To have a healthy workout session you need to eat the right kind of food before, after or sometimes during your work out. Choose the right foods.

These following tips are the right foods to eat before you work out:

  1. You can eat a nice whole wheat toast with a topping of bananas. Add some cinnamon for extra taste and you are sure to be ready to pump some iron or embark on a 10 mile hike.
  2. Yogurt is yummy for both your tummy and the dummy (dumbbell). Easily digestible and is a source of instant energy.
  3. Smoothies are a wonderful option. Add a banana, couple of berries or nuts and blend to a thick rich smoothie. Perfect pre-workout drink. You can also innovate with your favourite flavours.
  4. The best food perhaps you can have is water. It is very important for you to stay hydrated at all times.
  5. Fruits are also an excellent option for a nice snack before a rigorous workout session. Healthy and natural is important too for a healthy work out.

Avoid eating heavy before a work out session. It may cause serious health problems which may later insist on high end treat which cost a lot. Stress can sometimes lead to anxiety or mental illness, which may keep you away from fit. Instead eat healthy light before you work out.

Listed below are the yummy foods you can indulge in after a long session with the dummy (dumbbell):

  1. Chocolate milk is the most loved drink around the world. From kids to grownups, chocolate milk is a good dessert. This is also a good post workout drink.
  2. Have a fibrous sandwich made with whole wheat and tuna. Add some hummus to boost the flavour. Yummy snack after a heavy work out session.
  3. It is now best to have a good protein shake. Our body needs to recuperate from all the efforts of your rigorous workout.
  4. Eat some a fair portion of some lean red meat. High protein content will help you build some muscles and remain fit.
  5. Create your own salad. Take a variety of veggies, toss it in some vinegar or balsamic with salt pepper or any spices of your choice.

Be sure to follow these steps and have a happy workout session. Exercise well and keep yourself fit and healthy. Avoid over indulging in food, it may throw you off your daily regime. Consult physical trainers and health advisors to help find the right type of diet which aids to your body. Stay healthy!


Author Bio:
Alina is a fitness trainer in UK. She runs a yoga studio and a gym. She writes blogs between business hours to make people aware about fitness and health. At present she is doing research on UKBA.She suggests to contact ukba  if you are in trouble while traveling in UK.