Best Workout Accessories

Stability Ball

Stability Ball Workout Accessory

Whether called a fitness ball, yoga ball or any other of its various names, this tool can save loyal users the cost of gym membership! On a stability ball, muscles are continually forced to maintain balance, so it works more of them at once than weight bench and floor exercises. This makes for a better home workout. Back and abdomen muscles will benefit more than any other muscle group. To top it all off, these deflatable marvels can be taken virtually anywhere.


Balance Board

Balance Board Workout Accessory

Balance boards tone core muscles, improve stability and even aid brain development. They’re also used in physical therapy. Certain ones are simple enough for a toddler to use, while others pose a challenge to the most well-coordinated professionals, like gymnasts and dancers.

The balance board should challenge the exerciser at least slightly. The experience should provide a constant “could fall at any moment” kind of rush before being mastered. Rocker and wobble boards are the most basic, both of which children often use. Rocker-Roller and sphere-and-ring boards are more challenging (and dangerous!), but they do offer quite an exciting way to get in shape.


Aqua Bells

Aqua Bells Workout Accessory

Aqua bells are portable free weights. They can be filled with up to 16 pounds of water, then after a workout, emptied and packed away. They’re ideal for exercise, physical therapy and water resistance training. Aqua Bells can be taken not only to the office and on trips, but also in swimming pools.

They come with cushioned handles and a leak-free guarantee. The ankle weights can also be filled with water, adding a few pounds of resistance to each ankle. There’s no more effortless way to tone lower body muscles.


Resistance Band

Best Resistance Band Workout Accessory | Working out with Resistance Bands

Also called exercise bands, resistance bands are useful for toning sleek muscles without getting bulky. They improve a wide range of muscles at once instead focusing pressure on one area. Anyone from a beginner to an advanced exerciser can use them. Slow reps maximize tension, so beginners can start with quick reps and move forward from there.

Resistance bands should measure a minimum of five feet (1.3m) long. A resistance band might be a bit too long to start off with, but wrapping it around one’s hand will shorten it to the correct length. Exercise bands come in light, medium, heavy and very heavy resistance levels. Having a variety of resistances helps because certain parts of the body will require different resistance levels.


Step Bench

Step Bench Training Accessory

The aerobic step bench is a versatile tool that helps tone the lower body and strengthens the heart. Step aerobics tightens muscles and sculpts curves more quickly than most other methods. It’s an inexpensive way to use low-impact exercise and still get remarkable results.

Most step benches can be adjusted to suit any fitness level, and they can be used with Aqua Bells for a total-body workout! Including free weights during step aerobics is a surefire way to blast fat away fast. What better reason to make step bench exercises part of your daily routine?