Body Building 101: Five Ultimate Rules All Noobs Need to Follow

Body Building 101- Five Ultimate Rules All Noobs Need to Follow


When you first begin working out, building muscle can be a challenge and determining the best ways to build muscle can be difficult. As you read this article, you’ll learn the five ultimate rules for those new to weight lifting.

Don’t Kill Yourself on the First Day

One critical rule many noobs don’t abide by is to not go overboard when you first begin body building. While pushing yourself is essential in body building, being foolish and arrogant will only lead to injury and embarrassment. Therefore, finding that balance between pushing it and going overboard is important. Finding that balance, however, will require experience. If you’re bench pressing 150 pounds without overly intense effort, simply add a little more weight next time.

Mix Up Your Workout Routine

A second crucial tip in body building is to mix up your workouts. Participating in similar workouts too often will only cause your body to adapt, hindering muscle growth. Therefore, switching up your workouts is vital.

Do Complex Workouts

A third ultimate rules all noobs need to follow is to perform complex workouts. Performing workouts that focus on one group of muscles isn’t efficient. Trying complex workouts, like squats or kettle bell swings, that focus on a couple muscle groups will provide optimal results.

Take a Rest Day

A fourth rule that noobs must follow to achieve success in body building is to take a rest day. While it may seem counter-intuitive to take a day off from the gym, doing so will promote muscle recovery and prevent injuries that’ll only slow down the body building process.

Eat Better, Not More

Another rule noobs should follow is to eat better food, not necessarily more food. Many rookie body builders will complain that they aren’t seeing results, despite eating a lot. However, eating a heaping plate of pasta and half a dozen donuts isn’t best. Eating high quality sources of protein, like whey protein powder will support muscle growth and offer ideal results. Make sure to look over reviews for meal replacement shakes to determine which will offer the best benefits for muscle growth.

There’s no denying the effectiveness of these rules. By simply not going overboard during the beginning of your body building career, mixing up your workouts, performing complex workouts, taking a rest day, and eating better, you’ll definitely see the physical transformation you desire.