Bodybuilder Crushes Watermelons Between Her Legs (Video)

Leg day is by far the most important of all the gym days.  Your legs are your foundation.  Your entire body is built on top of them.  If you plan on strengthening your upper body, it only makes sense to also strengthen the part of your body that’s responsible for holding up your upper body, right?

And besides, if you stay committed to leg day, you may end up being able to do some pretty amazing things, like squat crush watermelons with your thighs.

This bizarre footage shows a woman showing off the power of her leg muscles by squeezing three juicy watermelons between her thighs.

The bodybuilder, wearing just a bikini, squeezes the large fruit in a variety of positions in what looks like an office covered with a blue plastic sheet to prevent the spray from making a mess of the walls.

She speaks to the camera about ‘giving it a whirl’ while someone films her taking the sticker off of one of the melons and popping it with her back to the camera.

As the fruit bursts the tattooed woman laughs.

She then lies on her side to pop the next fruit before bursting the third while teetering on just one high heel.

The man holding the camera certainly sounds impressed with her work.

via Mirror UK