Bodybuilder Justin Rys’s Warning Against Drugs (Video)

Sad and great message on Justin Rys part but horrible reporting on 3 News end. Will let you make your own decision on the topic.

The former Mr Big of New Zealand bodybuilding can now barely cope with a walk on the beach.

Justin Rys’ body is failing him. His heart is giving out and he says something unknown is happening to his brain.

Six years ago, Justin toldĀ 60 MinutesĀ of what he put his body through:

“At the time I used my body as a science experiment. I would just try this and see what happened, do this and see what happened, try some growth hormone, try some IGF, some imbuterole, try steroids – just do everything I could just to try and see what would happen.”

Nowadays, Justin struggles to speak. He spits and dribbles and sometimes barely makes sense.


via 3 News