Bodybuilders Guide Against Tasteless Food



No matter whether you want to be a bodybuilder or just lose your extra weight, one thing is common for you – the diet. In bodybuilding arena, the golden rule is – NEVER skip your major meals! – Breakfast, lunch or dinner. You probably know about the micronutrients or small meals even after your major meals. However, if you are not to be a bodybuilder and increase your body mass, then it is essential that – you must keep on your eyes at dinner, because during the day – you already have micronutrients like – small snack, protein bar, protein shakes, fruits and many other things. But what happened when you’re in sleep? because when you’re in sleep, still your body building your body mass and you must supply the necessary elements to your body. So, that it can generate new muscles and repair the damaged muscles.

Usually, bodybuilders dinner is tedious, colorless, non spicy and clearly out from any taste. It’s true. Sometimes it’s really problematic for bodybuilders. So, here are some tips that can help you to free from the tasteless world!

Shop Yourself: it is a great way to enjoy your food. Just take a look on nearby supermarket or retail shop and look around the fruits, vegetables, meats and other things! Definitely you’ll find something very interesting. You may find some new fruits or vegetables that are completely fresh and just arrived in the market in season! So, grab them now and enjoy.

Eat Out: don’t think all the restaurants are unhealthy! But be selective – while you’re going to eat in a restaurant. Carefully select your food with less fat and less spicy. It is another great way to get rid of your regular low carb diet. Usually, restaurants use fat and spices in their foods, but having a bowl of Thai food may not hamper your diet. But keep in mind that – it is way out of your regular diet. You are NOT permitted to have your regular meals over there!

Dinner With Friends: another great way to enjoy your dinner. Invite your friends to dinner and ask them for a new recipe. Alternatively, you can collect the recipes from online, health magazines, fitness show on TV and various resources and try them in your house with your friends. It not only help you to enjoy new foods but also you can enjoy your dinner with your nearest one and make your food more enjoyable.


After word – as mentioned earlier in this article, dinner plays a vital role in bodybuilding and it is a very usual question for new bodybuilders is – what are the best foods for dinner? Well, the answer is – meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, roasted or cooked duck), egg, vegetables like – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, mushrooms, and other green vegetables that contains – vitamin A,B and E , zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium and of course the food MUST contain the dietary fiber and enough amount of protein.