Bodybuilders Vs Powerlifters:The Best Way To Build Muscle



Bodybuilders, strongmen, and other people who are required to be in top physical form use many methods to achieve physical fitness. What they have in common is muscle mass that is above average compared to ordinary people. Strongmen and power lifters are huge and they have a roughly equal volume of muscle and fat. They focus mainly on strength and don’t care much about physical appearance. On the other hand body builders have much less fat and their muscular physique is balanced. Their fitness exercise routines ensure that they get evenly distributed muscle development. Although they all use different methods to get there, their muscle mass and strength is roughly equal. This article will break down what each of the groups do to achieve their strength and muscle mass.


How They Build Muscle

There have been several studies recently that tried to uncover how power lifters, strongmen, and bodybuilders achieve incredible muscle mass and strength. There are significant differences in how they train. Bodybuilders train in five-day splits and focus mostly on the body parts. They do not put much weight on the load but by volume of their training. Power lifters focus on sheer mass when doing each fitness exercise. They are obsessed with lifting heavier weights and don’t care too much about building a balanced body.

Strongmen lie smack in the middle and they focus on several lifting exercises including squats, bench lifts, and deadlifts. They also do Olympic lifts such as snatch and clean and jerk. There are many differences in training routines of these people but similarities also exist. They all use several training intensities during fitness training.


Muscle Increases Irrespective Of Load

Studies conducted recently suggested that hypertrophy or tissue enlargement occurs regardless of the amount of workload that a person handles. Both heavy and light fitness exercise routines have been shown to increase muscle mass. The studies concluded that different training loads produced similar amount of hypertrophy but the people with greater load had a higher increase in muscle strength. The benefits of heavy loads for people looking to increase muscle strength cannot be downplayed. People can however safely have mixes of light and heavy loads depending on the fitness training being undertaken.

It is conclusive from the studies that to get similar amount of hypertrophy a person needs to spend more time when using less loads. Heavy loads increase muscle growth at a higher magnitude than lighter loads. Heavier loads speed up the process of the body employing larger motor units (muscles that can handle heavier loads) than smaller loads. When using smaller loads, however, after a long duration of fitness training fatigue sets in. The fatigue causes the body to employ larger motor units to ensure that the muscles can continue to handle the strain after long periods of light load training.


Training Essentials To Build Muscle Mass

It is reasonable to borrow a little from the training routines of bodybuilders, power lifters, and strongmen. The best strategy is achieved by having a mixture of exercises from all fields to suit your objectives of training. The following are some tips on how to maximize training while mixing favorite exercises across the board.

Combine isolation as well as compound exercises: Both these exercises have their pros and cons. Although compound exercises are great for all-round fitness training, isolation exercises can also serve a great purpose of selectively improving muscle.

Emphasize on major compound exercises: Compound exercises require the use of many muscles and joints. A person should be in top physical and mental condition to do them hence they should be done early in the session.

Utilize several repetition ranges: You should vary repetition ranges when you combine compound and isolation training. This is to ensure an ideal mixture of exercise on various parts of your body depending on the chosen exercise.

For the optimal muscle building fitness exercise regime; it is never about isolation, compound, or light and heavy load exercises. The ideal fitness training should incorporate a mixture of these exercises to come up with a good all-round program to enable you achieve your objectives.