Bodybuilding Foods That Will Help You Pack on Muscle



If you think losing weight is hard then wait until someone puts you up on a challenge in building muscle. Bulking up requires twice or even thrice the effort compared to shedding off. And it demands discipline, dedication and commitment, one hundred and one percent of it. But building muscle does not just involve long excruciating hours at the gym intermittently lifting light and heavy weights. You also need to take a good look at your diet. The process of building muscle mass is one of the hardest tasks any body building aficionado can attempt to do. That is why you need to straighten up your diet in accordance to your goal to expedite your body building journey.

In order to build muscle you must of course lose all the excess fat first and you can do that by committing to a hardcore cardio fitness workout. Once you’ve achieved your desired weight you can then concentrate on packing up massive muscles. Usually those who want to achieve a beefed up body sign up at the gym so they can have access to all the equipment and weights needed to target specific body parts. But do know that if you fail in your diet all your efforts spent at the gym will be futile.

Food junkies who find it difficult to undergo a rigid diet will be happy to know that they can still indulge only this time on foods that will help them build more muscles. To be able to build muscles you need a variety of fruits, carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats that are properly proportioned. Protein is especially important in growing muscle. In addition, it also helps in weight loss. Carbohydrates are necessary to pump your muscles so you can have enough energy for your arduous workouts. Fruits and vegetables will also sustain you and supply you with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to help your body recover from your intense training. And ironically, healthy fats are equally important to help you lose excess adipose.

Now let’s go straight to the point. What I am about to reveal to you are selected super foods that will promise to beef you up in no time. With proper food proportioning and with substantial training you can expect your body to transform into chunks of rock hard massiveness in less than a year.

  1. Wild salmon. Although a tad expensive wild salmon is packed with twenty grams of protein per one hundred grams of serving and it’s also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Go crazy over berries. These colorful fruits are rich in antioxidants that helps prevent cancer, eye diseases and heart diseases. Any kind of berries will do, from raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries. You can eat it raw or pair it with a bowl of oatmeal or whole wheat grain cereal.
  3. Yogurt will definitely serve as a great snack because it tastes good and it contains good bacteria that will help keep your gastrointestinal system healthy. But be mindful of the kind of yogurt you buy. Do not go for the overly sweet ones with flavorings. Go for the plain lowfat yogurt.
  4. Another reason to love breakfast is the eggs. The protein found in eggs is important in building muscles. So go ahead and hoard eggs from the grocery stores. Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals such as folate, riboflavin, iron, zinc, phosphorus and vitamins B6, D, E and B12.
  5. Almonds are another super food that helps you beef up fast. It is one of the best sources of alpha-tocopherol or vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent free radicals from damaging your body after intense and heavy workouts. The less few radicals the faster your muscles grow and recover.
  6. To beef up, chew on beef. This is more than just a piece of meat. Beef is rich in iron and zinc and these two are essential nutrients in building muscles.


Now that we’ve uncovered the essentials in building muscle all there is left for you to do is to follow your training program, be religious in your routines and be mindful of your diet. These six super foods listed here will help you achieve your goals. And if you want to take supplements you can freely do so just as long as you consult your doctor about it. Tongkat Ali is one of the most popular supplements in the market. Not only does it help you with bulking up by turning your body into a testosterone-making machine Tongkat Ali has also been associated with weight loss. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone.





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