Bodybuilding Principles

body building principles


Due to continuous research and improvement of technology, strength training changes its dimension every day. Additionally, different subjects and science emerged to the bodybuilding and give a complete shape. Now, medicine, diet, nutrition, physiotherapy and lots of other subjects integrated to bodybuilding. Subsequently, thousands of workout plans developed by workout professionals, still there are basic principles are remain same. If you want to start bodybuilding, then surely this guide will help you –



Before you make your decision and work out, set your goal and thing twice – what you want to be? Weightlifter or bodybuilder? This question is important, because weight training and weightlifting is completely different in approach. However, they look apparently similar. A bodybuilder focused with building each muscle of his/her body, whereas weight lifters increase their capacity to lift more weights. Technically, there are huge difference between bodybuilding (weight training) and weightlifting! So, be sure and prepare accordingly.

Balanced Exercise

Did you ever notice? There are lots of instruments plays in a song, but not all instruments play together! Only a few instruments (combination of instruments) play together. That means – they’re balanced! Likewise, you’re not allowed to perform all exercise together! You’ve to prepare a workout schedule with different exercises and follow the schedule. These not only give you the best results, but also keep you free from any injury.

Be Organized

Bodybuilding needs lots of concentration. It is very important to track your workouts, and change them according to your workout schedule. Not only that, you must check your diet carefully. Both the things should be monitored carefully and organized for at least 1 year. After that, you’re habituated! But till that, you must be organized!

Be Consistent

It is very common for youngsters, after a couple of months, they do not continue the workouts, and some of them even do not exercise in their home! Consistency is MUST for amazing body. Apart from the exercise, it is also very crucial that, you must continue to diet consistently. Otherwise your complete effort doesn’t make any sense.

Don’t Be Generic

Your body is completely different than others, that is why, your exercise also different from others. Don’t follow any generic workout plans, rather follow the specific workout plan that completely matches with your body type and exclusively suggested by your instructor after analyzing your body type.

Stick On Proper Nutritional Habits

Like exercise, proper nutrition also essential. Reducing fat is very important. Additionally, try something natural fat burning food that helps you to burn your fat faster. But don’t mess with natural fat burning food with fat burning supplements. They are different!

Finally, the health issues. Don’t ignore any health problems, no matter how small it is! Consult immediately with medical practitioners as well as your fitness instructor(s). So that, they can understand the real problem and suggest you the safe practice guidelines.