Bodybuilding Tilapia Recipe (Video)

Need some protein source that is lean, common, readily available, cheap, delicious and fresh from the water? Then the Tilapia fish is probably the best fit for the aforementioned categories when it comes to protein sustenance.

Protein is very vital for bodybuilding. Common sources of proteins include beans, poultry and cattle meat. Seafood are also a good source for bodybuilding protein and probably among the best in the world but they are somewhat not that a common commodity. Tilapia, a freshwater fish that is easily farmed, reproduced and raised in a short amount of time that consumes very little in its entire lifespan, is a great seafood contender when it comes to fish meat protein. A typical tilapia is composed mainly of 50% protein with notable traces of Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Magnesium and Iron.

A tilapia’s flesh is so soft that it can prepared in any fashion. Here’s one great delicious tilapia┬árecipe from Micheal Kory Fitness, that will surely be an instant favorite of bodybuilders worldwide.