Booty Barre Workout (Video)


Booty Barre Workout with Tracey Mallet from Star Fit is an exclusive look at the “Barre” fitness method that combines elements of Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and Cardio to create a highly effective and fun workout, specifically designed for time-crunched individuals to strengthen and tone the entire body without developing bulk.

┬áStar Fit Host and Dancing with the Stars Dancer, Kym Johnson checks in with International Fitness Expert, Dancer, Choreographer and Master Pilates Instructor, Tracey Mallett on a few of her favorite “Booty Barre” exercises that she uses in training celebrities on the run, to tone the butt, legs, abs, arms, hips, shoulders, and obliques. Learn how you can burn fat as you sculpt six-pack abs and shapely buns at home in just minutes a day with this intense workout from the all new “Star Fit” Series on BeFit. Grab a chair and get ready to sweat as you combine cardio, planks, squats, and dance moves like the releve’ for a total body-toning experience that will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best.

[01:43] Booty Hips
[03:03] Booty Blaster
[04:29] Running Plank
[05:06] Workout Summary/ Recommendation



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