‘Boys don’t fancy fat girls’: Dad’s Harsh Words Helped Daughter Get Fit


Trainee teacher Amelia Morton, 23, dropped four dress sizes after receiving the blunt pep talk – which she thought was funny. A student who piled on the pounds after spending £5,000 a year on pizzas shed the weight after her dad told her: “Boys don’t fancy fat girls”. Pretty Amelia Morton’s pizza addiction was so bad she was forced to take on a part-time job just to fund her late-night munchies.


She put on more than three stone during her business and enterprise studies at University College Birmingham, reaching 12 and a half stone.The trainee teacher was shocked into a diet when she returned home after graduating and was given the blunt advice by her dad.

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She has since dropped a staggering four dress sizes since ditching her pizzas and trying the Cambridge Diet Plan.

Amelia Morton weight lossDitching the Domino’s: Amelia gets rid of her old habits in the kitchen bin Amelia, 23, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, said: “My pizza diet left me feeling bloated and unwell and I just kept piling on the pounds.

“I’d go to Pizza Hut or Domino’s every single night of the week.

“It got to the point where one day my dad turned round to me and said, ‘Look Amelia, boys don’t fancy fat girls.’

“I couldn’t believe my dad had said that but I also found it funny.

“I spent more on food than the average four-person family because I ate out so much.

“Now I can’t believe I ever ate the amount I did – and I rarely have a pizza!”



via Metro UK