Britain’s Youngest Competitive Bodybuilder (Video)

THE UK’s youngest competitive bodybuilder has revealed the secret to his impeccable physique – sibling rivalry. While most teenagers are glued to their Playstations, 15-year-old Cosmo Taylor, from Inverness, Scotland, is more likely to be found honing his abs, quads and biceps.

The mini muscles is joined in the gym by sister Bronwyn, 19, a prize-winning powerlifter, and dad Andrew, 47, who is a bodybuilder. Cosmo started training informally at the age of 11 and competed in his first show, the Silver City Classic in Aberdeen, in November 2014. And while there are some who claim the Scot is too young to place such strains on his body, the bronzed-torsoed teen has no intention of pausing in his quest to achieve the perfect body.

via Barcoft TV