Bruce Lee’s Ab Move: The Dragon Flag (Video)


The dragon flag exercise was made popular by Bruce Lee. This is a highly advanced core movement. Dragon Flags works the entire torso from head to toe. It’s hard to find one exercise that can engage so many muscles at once time. This move works all the core stabilizers, and because it requires a controlled eccentric movement, it builds strength more quickly than isolated core exercises. The longer you hold the dragon flag, and the longer you take to complete each repetition, the more you get out out the exercise.

The Dragon Flag is an advanced bodyweight exercise that can help build great overall core strength and incredibly strong, defined, six-pack abs. However, because it is not only difficult, but places a lot of strain on your joints, it should only be attempted by more advanced exercisers and athletes with a high level of overall body strength. This move has a high degree of difficulty and has a high risk of injury if performed incorrectly, or by those without appropriate strength and poor technique.

Before attempting the Dragon Flag, make sure you have worked your way up to advanced core training. You should be able to complete the core strength and stability test to completion. You should also be able to do reverse crunches, hip lifts and V-sits with litt.