Build Muscle Fast at Home in 3 Easy Steps

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Working out from your home is very helpful when you venture into your quest to build muscle fast at home effectively and with a lower budget. The advantages of working out at home surpass those of the gym where a membership fee is required. Building muscle fast at home is a great way to get started as minimum equipment is required, setup is quite easy no travelling costs are incurred and the greatest benefit of them all is the fact that it is available throughout with no risk of closures on holidays and weekends.


1. Diet: Eat Clean

Eating clean at home is what gives muscle-building the biggest benefits. While supplements and protein shakes are a great way to achieving fitness greatness the diet needs to be observed carefully. For starters make sure that your diet contains enough proteins which come in handy in the building as well as repair of muscles. While most people require just around 1g of protein daily, if you are trying to build muscle you might need up to 0.5 g more.

What is more important than ensuring you get enough protein is determining the best sources of protein for your muscle building project? Focus mainly complete proteins present in foods such as cheese milk meat and fish. Some of the best sources of protein for building muscles include whey protein, poultry and red meat.

Carbohydrates are equally important since if your body doesn’t get enough carbohydrates the proteins will be used to fuel the body rather than be used for muscle growth. Eating carbohydrates immediately after lifting weights prevents the breakdown of muscles and also replenishes the glycogen reserves. Although carbs are important excessive intake can significantly increase fat. Choose the right kind of carbohydrates: focus more on dried beans, brown rice and limit sugars.

Lastly while ensuring that you marinating a clean diet ensure that you stick to healthy fats such as fish, nuts, avocado desserts and candy bars.


2. Resistance

You don’t need expensive equipment for this because you can use daily household items to maximize workout as well as push the muscles to greater lengths. You can for example use simple things such as placing a book on your back as you do pushups to increase resistance and maximize intensity. Avoid injury by placing your elbows in the right position with the elbows in, and your upper back head and hips in a straight line.

Another great way of building resistance is placing a thick book between your legs which will add intensity to the legs as they raise .You can also try doing squats and lunges with a heavy backpack placed on your back. Perfect substitutes for weights at home include cans, water jugs and luggage.


3. Be creative

Think of creative substitutes to expensive machines and equipments. You can practically sue everything around the house to help you in your muscle building endeavors. You can for example use a chair for muscle building exercises. This can be achieved through working your arm muscle with one arm dumpbell pull while facing the chair knees bent and placing the other hand on the chair. Extend your arms towards the floor while holding the dumpbell with the other hand; maintain the upper body in parallel to the floor.

You can also work your abs muscles by using a seated knee lift. You can then sit at the edge of the seat knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Leaning back slightly, grasp the sides of the seat .lift your knees towards your chest while crunching the upper body.

The above three easy steps can help you to build muscle fast at home without the need to sign up for gym membership or getting a personal trainer. Not only are they highly effective, they are also convenient, available and costs effective.



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This post has been written by Anne Prantel. She loves to write about various aspects of Health and Fitness. She recommends PMIR for providing best Medical Assistance for any type of workout injury.