Build Your Calves To Olympic Skier Status!

skier calves


This plan was originally devised for Olympic skier Luke Sauder. The plan was to build up his calves to serve as a cushion to prevent his knees from reaching severe angles as he glided down the mountain; the plan worked. The problem with growing your calves is that there will be limited ROM in calf movements. Squats, for example, provide a considerable ROM that is easy to vary.



Day 1: High Volume

A1) Seated Calf Raises




A2) Donkey Calf Raises


Exercise B: Standing Calf Raises

B1) Standing Calf Raises:


Day 2: Low-Volume (to be done 48 hours after Day 1)

A1) Triple Drop Standing Calf Raises: 3 x 10-10-10 at a 121 tempo, resting 90 seconds between sets. In other words, three drop sets of the video that we posted above.