Building Bigger Shoulders Workout Routine (Video)

Building Bigger Shoulders Workout Routine featured


Many gym rats usually consider biceps the king of all muscles. But without a broad set of shoulders, your biceps wouldn’t look so good! That is why its important to focus on building great set of shoulders to match your biceps.

Before we begin, you must know about how our shoulders are structured. Our shoulders consist of two muscle groups: trapezius and deltoids. As the name suggests, Trapezius are two triangle shaped muscles that play a vital role in arm and neck movement. Where as deltoids consists of other muscles named – anterior medial and posterior. For firm and broad shoulders, it is essential that we concentrate on both muscles, but talking about trapezius is the beyond the scope of this article. We’ll discuss that in another blog post. However, here is a simple but yet very powerful exercises that target your deltoids.


Seated Barbell Press 


Smith Machine Barbell Press 

Barbell Front Raises

Behind The Neck Military Press 


Apart from these exercises, there are lots of other effective exercises like – upright rows, bent over lateral raises, dumbbell lateral raises, arm cable lateral raises, cable side raises and other exercises also useful for solid shoulders.