Building Blocks For Getting 6 Pack Abs

chicks with abs


If you already put on a few extra pounds and want a 6 pack killer abs, then it is very important that, you must do exercise, because there is nothing “magical” available that can give you the killer abs! Only focused exercise, proper diet can give you the perfect results. On the other hand, it is very common, especially for beginner bodybuilders even advanced users – they workout for a few months still don’t get any remarkable improvements in their abs! In all cases, the reason is same – loosing focus from the abs exercises!

When we take a closer look on abdominal muscles, we’ll find – three major muscle groups. They are – upper abs, lower abs and Obliques. For a flat belly with 6 or 8-pack abs, we must concentrate on each muscle group exercises.

Usually, you can include upper abs exercise in your regular workout plan. If you include it once in your regular activities, then it will give you the best results. Crunch and sit up is the right exercise for upper abs. But depending on your stamina, weight and other conditions, the repeat depends. It is recommended that, once you level up your exercise from beginners to advanced level – increase your repeat!

Lower abs is the most problematic area and it’s very hard to reduce weight from this part of your body. However, still there are some specialized exercises for that. Leg raises, hanging leg raises can give you the desired results. Alternatively, many people fasten their legs with strings with multi-gym equipments and pull the string with legs. This is another great way to do lower exercise. Now a day, nearly every gym equipped with modern equipments with various biometric monitors, so that the instructors can check the actual pressure and the condition of the muscles. However, according to experts, leg raises and hanging leg raises is the perfect exercise for lower abs, and we strongly agree with that. Notably, many instructors use biometric equipments and other equipments like – various arm holders to improve the exercise along with eliminating all the risks involved with the exercise.

Oblique exercise is necessary for giving a nice shape of your abs. If you ignore the Oblique exercise, then probably lose the opportunity for developing a killer abs! Yes it’s true. There are several exercises dedicated for Obliques. They are – Oblique static hold (weighted), side planks, Russian twist and decline Russian twist, Oblique cable crunches and many others…

As mentioned earlier, lack of focused training for abs is the prime reason for poor abs. Not only that, poor posture and unhealthy diet, lack of micronutrients and rest is also responsible. Only exercise may not give you the best results until you adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Finally, do not attempt any such exercise without expert guidance. We strongly encourage you to perform all exercises with supervision of your gym instructor.