Key To Building Muscle Mass

Key To Building Muscle Mass 1

Spending all your life going going to gyms, performing sets and reps is not the only solution for gaining muscles. Guys spend their time in all these activities and ending up with being healthy but no visible effects on the muscular side. Hence the exercise should be paired up with the right kind of food and other activities, with the help of a nutritionist and a fitness expert.

One key to add size is, no cheating, no drugs and no gimmicks. Following tips will help you in achieving your goal and kill your frustrations eventually.

1. Calorie in take must be greater than the calories burnt

Though its obvious but you should eat more to put on muscle mass. How much eating is needed differs from person to person, as every body is different. You need to push some limits to get the body you desire. Experiment and try new ways to add calories to your meals. You may also require to add more meals to your day. Or you may eat less often but larger meals. I myself ate three times a day only but the meals used to be larger.

2. Increase your protein intake

The food type you should be eating more is protein. This is because your muscles are made up of proteins and to add mass to them they are needed the most. So grab on to chicken, fish, steak, shake or eggs now. Boosting your protein intake will mean 20 to 30 grams per serving. You need to get smaller doses but greater in number through out your day. Consider eating twice or thrice the amount you take in general. Remember you are trying to build up your body and that will require effort and MORE PROTEIN.

3. Mostly try to eat whole foods dense in nutrients

Biggest mistake you can make in trying to build up your body is eating the totally wrong type of food. When you try to gain your own instinct will be to eat more of pizzas, pasta,donuts etc. What you want is more muscle not more fat. You need to eat calorically dense foods like steak and potatoes and those with high nutritional value like greens and sauerkraut that will help in digestion.

 4. Go for compound exercises in the gym

Try exercises that will work more muscles. Like deadlifts, squats, rows, overhead press, and bench press. Do not make endless exercise changes. Best is to be good at some exercises and lift weight more often.

5. Lifting heavier weights (duh)

Higher reps can make their place in any program. Training heavy plays an important role for your ability to grow. The reason being that concentrating on heavier weights boosts up your strength. When you increase your strength you can also introduce some more reps. You need to be careful about your approach or you will end up hurting yourself.

6. Getting more than 7 hours of sleep each night

Getting enough sleep helps your body build its muscles and not getting needed amount of sleep makes harder to build muscle. These are the two things you need to make sure happens. When you sleep enough the growth hormone in your body increases and when you do not get enough sleep stress hormone increases that will hinder muscle build up.