Burn Calories While Having Fun: What Sports Burn The Most Calories?


The best way for anyone  to lose weight is to burn calories. So what is a calorie? A calorie is a metric unit of food energy. Every food has its own amount of calories and it will be then transformed as a form of stored energy in your body once you consumed them. If you are not going to use the calories inside your body, it will then turn into fat. That is why when you do some activities, you are burning calories. And one of the ways you would be able to get rid of it is to do some sports. That is why most sportsmen, if not all, are fit and healthy. If you are dying to shed all those fats in no time, you should know what sports burn the most calories. And here they are!

Running (900 calories per hour) – It is considered to be the fountain of youth – well, that is according to the scientists. And with 900 calories per hour, you can never go wrong. You can join different running marathons or you can do it alone, whichever your prefer. And since it is a vigorous exercise, you will reap a lot of benefits from running. Some of the promises of running are: running can lessen the risk of age-related diseases and disorders such as vision loss, lowers the risk of heart related disorders, strengthens the bones, and make you a more focused person among many other benefits.

Rock Climbing (742 calories per hour) – If you are afraid of heights, rock climbing’s calorie burning feature may just change your mind. Rock climbing was considered as a hubby for those who are hungry for adventure and outdoorsy stuff, but when done the right way it can be a great workout and it can burn lots of calories in just one hour. Aside from rock climbing benefits such as weight loss, it can also improve your cardiovascular system and it can help you socialize with other people who enjoy outdoor environment. Plus, you would really look cool when you are climbing that rock!

Swimming (720 calories per hour) – As a former swimmer back in college, I can always attest to this. What makes swimming effective is that it is an overall body workout, meaning your legs, your arms, and your core are working together at the same time. Apart from that you are carrying your own weight when you are swimming, that is why you feel light and sometimes sleepy after you have a swim. Other benefits of swimming are: It doesn’t create that much damage to your muscles and bones since you are floating most of the time, increases your muscle tone strength, and improves your flexibility.

Cycling (600 to 800 calories per hour) – It is not just one of the most cost-efficient modes of transportation, but it also has the ability to burn that much calories. When you are going to have a bike up the hill you will also trim your waistline little by little, polishes your coordination, and keeps your immune system strong.

Skipping Rope (660 calories per hour) – While not exactly a sport (unless you’re doing competitive Double Dutch!) skipping rope is a great way to burn calories. It burns about 11 calories per minute and is less high impact than jogging and other similar activities because you land on the balls of your feet, thus cushioning the impact on your body. Another great advantage to this calorie burning activity is that it is low cost (even an “expensive” jump rope won’t cost you all that much) and it is something you can do no matter where you are; even if you travel frequently, you can easily pack your jump rope and keep fit while on the go.

Ultimate Frisbee (526 calories per hour) – Ultimate Frisbee is not anything like the normal slow paced Frisbee you usually see at parks and beaches. It is a high paced sport that is similar to Rugby or American football. The amount of running, sprinting, running, jumping and, yes, even diving fires up your body and burns a good amount of calories. And it’s lots of fun!

Racquetball (720 calories per hour) – Competitive racquetball can be a fun and exciting way to burn extra calories. Many office workers schedule some racquetball into their busy schedules as it gives them a change to unwind, spend time with friends, and stay in top shape (not an easy thing when you sit at a desk most of the day). Working up a sweat playing this sport will burn over 700 calories over the course of an hour or so. Do you have a competitive flair? Well that just might help you here as those who play harder and put more energy into their game will burn more calories than those who are more casual with their play.

Kickboxing (714 calories per hour) – Kickboxing is a great way to stay in shape. It burns a good amount of calories and helps to build muscle mass. If you aren’t the competitive type and aren’t really up to training for “The Octagon”, you can still burn calories and get all the benefits of kickboxing with exercise programs like Tae-bo. So come on! Practice that roundhouse kick!

These are the sports that burn the most calories. Remember that you will get about as much out of each activity as you put into it; a more intense workout (or game) will result in higher calorie loss. So play hard! But also remember to play safe. Make sure you warm up and stretch properly to prevent any accidents or injuries. Also, be sure to watch your hydration levels whenever you engage in any intense physical activity, especially if it is hot out or you are sweating a lot. Losing too much water or electrolytes can result in a number of medical problems, so be sure you drink enough water and replace electrolytes with sports drinks or other supplements if necessary. Good luck, have fun and enjoy burning those calories!

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Stacey Cavalari is an experienced journalist for AccessRx.com, a leading online drugstore where consumers can buy FDA-approved medications online.