Can You Gain Mass with P90X?



We all have different bodies that we are given. Which means we all have different goals that we want to achieve. For those of you that don’t know, P90X is a 90 day at home fitness program which contains various workout DVDs. It claims to ‘get you ripped in 90 days’ which is proven for most people. However, what if you’re wanting to gain mass with P90X? Would that be possible? From what I’ve conducted in my own research I’ve been able to come up with a fairly good regime of gaining weight with P90X!


Whats Needed?
The classic P90X requires only dumbbells and a pull up bar for the most part. While those same principles are needed here, some additional equipment is recommended.
• Weighted Vest ( 10-20% of body weight will add additional resistance)
• Dumbbells that you fail on within 5-7 rep range. No 12-15 reps allowed unless its pull ups!

Whats the Secret?
Its actually quite simple but yet a lot of untrained individuals fail to grasp. P90X is a great program if your looking to get ‘ripped’ like the program will do. However getting ripped more than likely requires losing fat which is attained though cardiovascular activity. If your wanting to gain mass or get bigger. You need to do the opposite of that! You will be focusing on 5-7 rep range maximum. Meaning that when you’re instructed to lift 8-10 or 12-15 you will be lifting 5-7 heavy. You have to lift big to get BIG!

Cardio activity will be cut down to once a week so that you aren’t burning more calories than you consume. Which would greatly affect your progress of gaining size. Wear a weighted vest on all exercises except for Yoga and one cardio workout. Your body will struggle initially to workout with an additional 10-20lbs but over time you’ll grow much stronger. A custom P90X schedule for mass will be needed which alters certain DVDs out and brings better ones in. Even though your trying to gain mass with P90X, anytime you look for getting bigger some fat gains will come along also. It’s all part of the cycle.


This will be your biggest hurdle to overcome if your serious about getting big. In order to be successful with P90X you need to figure out your caloric intake needed to maintain the current weight of your body. For example if you need 2000 calories per day to maintain. Its recommended to increase that by 500 calories to 2500 per day. Try this out for 1-2 weeks and track how the weight has changed over 14 days. If no change has occurred then increase by another 500 calories until weight gain begins to take effect. You wont see results overnight but if you stay committed and consistent then change will come.