Caralluma: Weight Loss Supplement



Caralluma is a star shaped plant made from hoodia gordonii cactus. It is found wild in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Canary Islands, Afghanistan, Asia, and southern Europe. Caralluma contains pregnane glycosides, which are compounds that inhibits the formation of fat. There are many types of Caralluma. It has been said that Caralluma arabica reduces inflammation and Caralluma sinaica fight diabetes.

Many centuries ago, indian tribes chewed Caralluma to keep from being so hungry while they were hunting. Now, the chemicals in Caralluma are used to decrease appetite. It is also said to cause weight loss, quench thirst, lower blood sugar and increase energy, strength, and overall will power. It is used as a vegetable and in chutney and pickles. It is also eaten raw. The brand name for Caralluma is Slimaluma. Other common names are C. Fimbriate, caralluma cactus, and caralluma pregnane glycosides.

Caralluma is used for weight loss and obesity. Some side effects from taking caralluma are upset stomach, gas, and constipation. Studies have been shown to prove that taking a caralluma extract for sixty days might decrease the waistling, feelings of hunger, and also fat and calorie intake. However, it is not proved to decrease weight, body mass index, body fat, or hip measurements. There are many types of Caralluma. Studies have shown that Caralluma arabica reduces inflammation and Caralluma sinaica will fight diabetes.Another study was given and revealed that the plants extract was effective in lowering plaque formation in the thoracic aorta. Caralluma fimbrata has anti-obesogenti and anti-atherogenic properties. Caralluma is a new ingredient and supplement, therefore long term effects are uncertain.

Caralluma can be taken in doses of either twenty-five milligrams, fifty milligrams or one hundred millgrams to be effective in reducing food intake and weight gain in a dose dependent manner. The maximum dosage you can take of Caralluma is eight hundred milligrams. A physician should always be consulted before taking any dosage of Caralluma. Many different factors depend on how much you should intake daily, such as age, weight, health, and other conditions. A physician should also be consulted if you are pregnant, think you are pregnant or are breast feeding. Caralluma should be followed by eating a healthy diet and exercising. Caralluma is found on many different websites and can be ordered online.


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