Cardio Exercise That Blasts Your Arms



If you want to build your guns and your lungs, you have to try the resistance-band jumping jack curl.  It’s exactly what it sounds like: You do a resistance-band curl as you do a jumping jack. But don’t mistake this for some Denise Austin band exercise. This one is brutal—if you do it right.

That’s because you’ll loop the band around your feet, which will force your glutes to fire every time you kick your legs out. So it adds a new challenge to the jumping jack. And, of course, curling as you do the jacks will leave your biceps burning.

Watch the video to see how to do the resistance-band jumping jack curl with perfect form. (You’ll need a large continuous loop resistance band; we like the ones at

Then try this routine for a total-body blast that will light your arms, glutes, and lungs on fire: Simply perform the movement for 20 seconds or 10 total reps. Do 8 sets, resting for 10 seconds between them. You can mix it up by alternating sets of curls and overhead presses (4 sets of each).


via Mens Health