Cardio + Lower Body Toning – 44 Min Better Booty Tabata Workout (Video)


Here is a nice cardio as well as lower body toning workout that you can easily do at home. This workout is a combination of a butt and thigh workout, with cardio intervals woven throughout.

If you want to really burn off a lot of calories doing this workout, and reshape your booty, make sure that you push to your full effort through the whole routine, and make sure and choose as heavy of a weight as you can for the butt and thigh toning exercises as you can, without sacrificing proper form. Adding this butt lifting workout routine to your schedule a few times a week can help you see a difference in the shape of your legs in as little as 2-4 weeks.The result will be a better shaped, rounded, lifted and firm butt, and toned thighs.

In this Tabata workout, we will be doing exercises in two groups with 20 Seconds On (or Active) and 10 Seconds Off (resting), for a total of eight times (four minutes). The catch this time is that half of your rest periods will be spent setting up for the alternating exercise of the four minute interval group; we will be doing exercises in this format: AA, BB, AA, BB. This keeps things moving very quickly, which minimizes your rest but also keeps you on your toes in terms of both expending energy throughout the routine, and staying present throughout the session, avoiding getting bored.

In this Routine:
– Short Cardio Warm Up
– 30 Minute Lower Body Toning/Strength + Cardio Tabata Workout
– 7 Minute Yoga inspired Cool Down and Stretch






via Fitness Blender