CES 2015: Smart Belt Will Shame You For Not Exercising More (Video)

Preview Of The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

“Belty” monitors the wearer’s waistline and advises when it is time to lose weight. The smart belt produced by Paris-based Emiota also automatically loosens when the wearer sits and tightens when the wearer stands.

The smart belt, created by French startup Emiota, premiered at at CES Sunday. Equipped with sensors, an accelerator and gyroscope, Belty is able to adjust itself based on its wearer’s exercise and food intake, Mashable reports.

An accompanying iPhone app also sends push notifications and feedback throughout the day on how to lead a healthier style. But let’s be real, how much hope is there if you aren’t expected to have the strength to reach down and loosen your own buckle?

Strange as Belty is — even the name sounds like a parody — CNET described it as a CES “showstealer.”

The metallic belt might not be the most attractive accessory out there, but neither are stretch pants.

Belty is currently a prototype expected to go on the market at an undisclosed price later in 2015.

via Time