The Checklist For A Hotter You – Fitness Strategies To Score Your Best Ever Body

If you have lots of motivation to stay fit, make sure you change your workout routine every 2 weeks. As per a study revealed by the University of Florida, people who kept on modifying and changing their workouts at least twice a month were most likely able to stick to their plans as against all those women who changed their regime as and when they wanted to. No, the factor is not about boredom or monotony but you should be able to enjoy the variety of exercises more.

Women are always striving hard to stay in shape either by joining the gym or putting themselves on a harsh diet or walking and running regularly. While there are some who are pretty aware of what they have to do as per their figure and their weight, there are many others who are totally confused about where to start from. The concerns of this article will tell you about how you could stay on track by doing some regular workouts. Read on to know more.

  • Form a strong backside as the key to fitness is a tough rear

If you’re wondering about a strong back portion which will certainly turn heads wherever you go, you should do 100 kettlebell swings with a moderate size weight at the end of your legs and make sure you do this non-stop. In case you don’t have access to kettlebell, you can d hip-thrusters and deadlifts to get a similar kind of impact. When women think that they’re working on their butt, they often tend to put emphasis on their quadriceps than their butt. So, do it correctly.

  • Never ever skip your recovery meal, your most important meal

Although your most important meal happens to be your breakfast but your recovery meal post workout is perhaps another vital meal that you shouldn’t ever miss. Majority of the women tend to skip this meal as they feel they’ll consume the calories yet again soon after they burnt them. But experts are of the opinion that your body should get 10-15 gms of protein, 20-30 grams of carbohydrates within the first half-an-hour of your workout. This food plays a role of replenishing your body and recovering your muscles.

  • Try and be less particular about reaching the specific goal of obtaining a weight

Just like it is mostly impossible to get the guy who meets all your set standards, trying to obtain an exact weight thinking that it is the ideal one is something that can’t be attained. Instead of that, have a range like 5-10 pounds as this will certainly give you a more successful result. When your goals are flexible, it seems to be more feasible than the strict ones. You can also improve your sense of accomplishment.

  • Hang tight to improve your abs

If you’re not able to do a pull-up, that doesn’t mean that you should not step on the bar. Did you know that apart from performing the conventional ab exercises for women, simply hanging your body can improve the strength of your upper body? Try to keep your body as still as you can and you can therefore naturally strengthen your abs, hips and portions of your lower arm. To further engage your abs, you can slowly move your legs in a circular manner.

Ultimately, your entire workout regime will become unfruitful if you don’t choose the right diet along with it. Talk to your dietitian so that you know what to eat and what not to eat. Follow a strict diet in order to get faster results.