Cocky MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out In 9 Seconds! (Video)

MMA event SFL43 – Capital Collision’s main event against Jason Solomon Vs Amitesh Chaubey ends violently, yet hilarious.

To be completely honest, I had all but forgotten that the Super Fight League was still in business, what without the steady Bob Sapp and/or James Thompson freak show fights to draw eyes in and all. But with 43 events now under their belt, it’s safe to say that India’s top/only MMA promotion is still going as strong as their theme song suggests.

Over the weekend, SFL held its aforementioned 43rd event, “Collision Course,” and in the evening’s headlining bout — a lightweight title fight between Jason Solomon and Amitesh Chaubey — the challenger needed just 9 seconds to dispatch the champion with a hellacious right hand.

While it’s a bit strange that Chaubey found himself in a title fight on the heels of a definitive loss to Mukesh Gora at SFL 33 (we only do that here in ‘Murica!), it’s hard to argue that he wasn’t ready for his shot when looking at the results. The lightning strike win improved Chaubey’s overall record to 5-3 and marked the first loss in Solomon’s young career.

If you replay the video from the very beginning, you’ll see that Solomon just might have been overlooking Chaubey right up until the point he was knocked out cold. My favorite part of the video, however, comes right after the KO, when one of the ringside commentators does a *spot-on* impersonation of Joe Rogan’s “Un-be-lie-va-ble!” battle cry. That’s just some top notch hyperbole right there, my friends

via Cage Potato