Colossal Legs Workout – Huge Calves and Quads (Video)


Check out this great quad and calves routine from sixpackshortcuts.

Hey its Mike with sixpackshortcuts, and today I’m going to show you my colossal legs workout. This workout is going to help you build ripped and muscular legs that’s will get you all the attention when your wearing shorts.

Workout breakdown:
** Complete 1 round by doing 30 seconds each exercise with no rest in between.
** Rest 30 seconds after each round. // Complete 4 rounds for entire workout.
0:07 Workout description
-Ass to the ground squats // By squatting low, you’ll be able to activate a lot more leg muscles and build them faster.
-Step ups // Find something to step on and alternate between legs by setting up onto this blog
Hope this helps you stay motivated.