Coming Soon To Your Local Gym? Virtual Fighting Fitness Game (Video)


Take gaming to the next level. Use your fists to fight for the title in this competitive, next-generation arcade game. Step into the future of physical training with the virtual fighting fitness game. This high-tech game comes equipped with a central monitor in addition to five strategically placed smaller pads designed to mimic realistic situations in order to get you into top fighting shape.


 King of the Ring: The Next Generation Competitive Fight Game

Nexersys is creating the first arcade game that puts gamers in a virtual fighting ring and allows them to test their boxing and MMA skills by throwing real strikes and making contact with a real target.

Say goodbye to the mundane button pushing of past fighting games and say hello to throwing real strikes with your fists, elbows and knees. Comparable arcade fighting games do not provide an actual target that gamers can hit, Nexersys does. Nexersys already has proven the physical equipment and machine to be successful in the fitness space, so now it’s time to bring the experience to the arcade with a beefier machine and an awesome new game, King of the Ring.

From Fitness to Gaming

Nexersys Corporation has created a professional-grade multimedia fitness product that delivers the motivation of a personal trainer, the benefits of a boxing and mixed martial arts high-intensity interval-training workout and the entertainment and feedback available from today’s gaming and computer technology. Nexersys has proven itself to be one of the most innovative and effective products in the fitness space and due to popular demand from current customers, it’s time to take over the gaming and arcade market.

The Equipment

The physical equipment of the Nexersys arcade model will differ from the Fitness model in that it will not include the leg pads, the arms will be doubled in length and there will be a fun marquee and shroud included to add to the experience.



via Nexersys