Common Bodybuilding Mistakes

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It’s always frustrating when you hit a brick wall in your training program and have no idea why. You’re putting in the hours, you’re really going for it in terms of intensity and you’ve tried every supplement in the book – why aren’t you growing anymore?

Well, the answer more often than not is relatively simple and comes down to one of several extremely common mistakes made by bodybuilders. It’s usually a case of falling into bad habits and not even realising it, which can lead to your hard work and efforts coming to very little.

Here’s a look at just a few examples to illustrate the point – all of which could explain the infuriating brick wall in your training program:

Overdoing Quantity

Believe it or not, there really is too much of a good thing when it comes to training. A sure-fire way to make sure you don’t see any improvement in the muscle groups you’re working is to go hell for leather with 50 reps at a time twice a day every day of the week. In fact, do this and you’ll probably see yourself shrinking rather than growing – the precise opposite to what you’ve been gunning for. This is the kind of over-intensive exercise that leads to weight loss and doesn’t give your muscles any chance to grow, so be careful when it comes to keeping tabs on quantity.

Lack of Prep

Bodybuilders to a large extent look at the stretches and warm-ups they do before hitting the weights as something of a necessary evil they can just touch upon and get to business. Sadly, overlooking the importance of stretching and warming up can and will limit your abilities to such an extent that you’ll be lifting less, completing less reps and making slower process than if you’d only bothered to spend the 10 minutes necessary on warming up. And of course, if you go and injure yourself by failing to stretch properly beforehand, you won’t be making any progress from your hospital bed.

Not Favouring Free Weights

There’s a reason so many bodybuilders favour machines – they make the job a hell of a lot easier. Sadly, making the job easier also means putting in less effort, which in turn means less growth and a potential halt to progress. The way that free weights offer a free range of motion and in no way assist you with the lifting process will almost always make them a better choice when gunning for fast results. You can of course incorporate machines in your workout, but don’t fall into the trap of using them exclusively or primarily.

 Too Much Weight

And finally, hitting no more than five reps with a weight you could barely get off the floor might seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. Unless you can muster between seven and ten reps every time, you aren’t doing yourself any favours at all regardless of how much effort you’re putting in. Instead, you should be looking at lowering the weight and making sure you can do closer to ten reps each time.



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