Common Diet Problems That You Must Avoid



When we talk about bodybuilding or weight loss, many people, magazines, and professionals advised you lots of things! But apart from those specific suggestions, we must concentrate on two basic things – workout and diet. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at common diet mistakes that usually bodybuilders make.


Eliminating Fat From Your Diet – it is one of the most common mistake usually make by bodybuilders and other people who wants to reduce their weight. Not necessarily all fats are bad, rather some fats are really required for your body, especially for your skin and joints. Because fats are the key elements for keep your skin clean and glowing as well as some good fats also works as a lubricant for your joints. So, eliminate bad fats from your diet and include some good fat in your diet. Some good fats also available in – fish, olive oil and egg yolks. But it is recommended that – don’t eat too much egg yolks because it increases cholesterol.

Alternatively, some people also completely eliminate carbohydrate from your meals. If you eliminate the carbohydrate from your meal, then you probably slash down the calories directly from your life. Calories like fuel in your body and it gives you the power. If you slash the energy from your meal, then you’re in big problem!


Drinking Juices – it is very common for dieticians and fitness instructors, they suggest – fruit and vegetable juices as a health drink and alternative of other drinks. But, the shocking fact is – drinking fruit and vegetable juice every time is not good. The reason of it is – fruit and vegetable juice contain the nutrient values but remarkably juice doesn’t contain any dietary fibers. Dietary fibers are very much important for your digestive system. So, you must eat fruits and vegetables with skins for dietary fibers.


Insufficient Proteins In Your Regular Meals – there are several reasons are responsible for that. Some of them are – food habit (like – vegetarians don’t eat animal protein) and misconception like – protein increase the cancer probability! And of course it is NOT true! Rather protein is the only element that builds your muscles by proving the necessary amino acids. So don’t take those rumors seriously and add sufficient protein in your meal. The simple calculation of consuming protein is – 1-gram protein for 1 k.g. For example – if your weight is 70 k.g, then you must consume at least 70 grams of protein every day.

Nevertheless, consumption of protein is another mistake commonly done by bodybuilders. Everything is okay until you consume them with limitation. I.e. you must know the right amount of protein for your body. Consumption of excessive protein may cause other health problems like – digestive system dysfunction and many others. However, consuming a variety of proteins (combination of both – animal and vegetable protein) can give you the best results!


Finally, consuming sugar for energy is another great mistake! Sugar is a silent killer. It invites obesity, diabetes and other health problems. So, simply avoid it.