CON-CRET Creatine Product Review



Here we have a inside look into the creatine supplement CON-CRET by Pro Mera Sports. It comes in many flavors but I went with the pineapple but I would recommend something else as I found this a little bit weak tasting. It mixes very well you could stir with a spoon and have not a single lump.


CON-CRĒT was designed for those that are serious about their conditioning and want a competitive advantage. Many athletes have tried creatine and experienced the strength, mass and muscle it can provide, but don’t like its negative side effects.

The CON-CRĒT molecule is a technological breakthrough that is the result of four years of corporate research, Division 1-A university laboratory development, and real-world testing. This effort produced a highly concentrated form of creatine where the need for loading is eliminated and the overall dose required is significantly low.

CON-CRET is a very straight forward creatine supplement. It doesn’t contain any unnecessary  ingredients. It consists of creatine HCI, which is creatine hydrochloride. This is in my eyes the top creatine out there. It is very potent and doesn’t need any loading phase. Also it is 59% more absorbent than creatine monohydrate.

Due to its micro dosing you only need 6oz of water a serving, so you don’t feel bloated afterwords like some supplements out there. The best advantage to creatine HCI, is it doesn’t need to be cycle, so you can take this product all year round if you want. But I like to use it during my three month bulk phases.

Key ingredients:

• creatine HCI


•increased strength and power
•increased muscle mass
•increased work-out capacity and recuperation

To finish up I truly recommend CON-CRET due to its potent creatine, which I think will soon take over in the creatine scene. Also it’s priced fairly and it’s micro dosing makes it easy soluble and doesn’t come in a huge half filled tub. ProMera sports have done very well with this one I think we will hear great thing about it.