Concussions & Bodybuilding


Dealing with a concussion is rough enough, but what does it mean for the avid weightlifter or bodybuilder dealing with one? The symptoms from a concussion known as “Post-Concussion Syndrome” can last for two week – two months or more. During this time, it is best not to endure any physical activity.

But what exactly is a concussion? A concussion occurs when there is a hard impact on the skull, causing the brain to swell. You need not to pass out or lose consciousness from a concussion; therefore some people may not be aware they have one.

Aren’t concussions only something football players or boxers get? No, although concussions are common among a lot of sports players, you need not to be an athlete to get one. So even if you didn’t take a steel chair shot to the head by John Cena, you could still be a victim of a concussion.

A simple, or what seems like a simple bump on the head should be taken with serious caution. Smacking your head against an open kitchen cabinet, or the impact taken from being hit in the head with a ball, or a fall can cause a concussion. Anything that rattles the brain can lead to a concussion.

So what does that mean for the average weightlifter or bodybuilder who are suffering from a concussion? Unfortunately for us it means we must take a break. It is far more beneficial and safer for your overall health to rest as much as you can until your symptoms go away. Symptoms include: confusion, not being able to concentrate, nausea, blurry vision, dizziness, sensitivity to light or noise, feeling more emotional, and sleeping more or less than usual. being active again too soon after a concussion can lead to very serious brain injuries. Be sure to see a doctor and follow your doctor’s protocol for return to play. This goes for lifting as well, anything that causes a strain on the brain. Continue to rest and follow all protocols for return to sports and exercise until you are no longer symptomatic.

So don’t worry about taking time off. Let your brain heal so you can continue bodybuilding for the rest of your life. We weightlifters and bodybuilders know that working out is not just a phase, it’s a lifestyle!



Erica Dee Torres, Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Aide has been involved in Sports & Fitness her whole life, with over 12 years of training in Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing, and Bodybuilding the past 5 years.  She loves to share her knowledge and experience in hopes of helping others looking to chase their goals and dreams.