Cooking Healthy



Preparing appetizing and healthy food starts from keeping a kitchen that is sufficient in supplies.  Food you eat must be tasty as well as healthful. With paying a little bit of heed you can make this possible. We present some simple ways to achieve this. Following are the tips that are alluring to the taste buds and is also robust.

Whole-grains that are quick to cook are full of nutritions and are best suited for weeknights.  These may include quinoa, bulgur wheat and polenta. Cooking grains in chicken stock with minced onions and drizzled lemon juice goes well for an easy mouthwatering side dish.

Beans and lentils should always be kept at hand for premium dose of proteins. EA Stewart, M.B.A., R.D. says that a carton of eggs have many possible uses. “We eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Frittatas made with eggs, filled with vegetables and baked with very little or no oil at all are very easy to make. And if any of it is left afterwards then you can use it in the morning or for a quick snack next day.

Cutting the vegetables just after you have bought them, the challenge of adding vegetables to meals may not be that great. Frozen vegetables are also equally good. As these are plucked and frozen right away, so these are as healthy and as fresh as those grabbed off the Fresh Vegetables racks. And also these frozen ones makes cooking easier for you as you will not have to spend timecleaning or cutting these.



If you want a snack and also do not want to feel guilty then popcorn kernels are your way to go. Also,these can be sprinkled a bit with olive oil and salted, sprinkling with dried herbs, grated parmesan cheese or Cajun seasoning.
Having tortillas in your fridge can also prove to be useful. These can be sprinkled with sugar or salt and baked until crisp. These can be sprinkled with a combination of cinnamon powder and sugar or salt and little of smoked paprika.

Greek yogurt filled with proteins and probiotics is good for tasty, easy and healthful. Stir in some non-sugar natural applesauce or some sugar to sweeten things up.



Dressing up simple foods with nuts is healthy for the heart.  As these are rich in vitamin E, cholesterol-lowering plant sterols, fiber and omega-3s. These are packed with nutritions and are delicious as well for adding to salads, brown rice and nut butter for sandwiches.



Using oils that are good for your heart is very important. So using extra-virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil and high oleic sunflower oil is very much suggested.

Toasted sesame oil and walnut-oil drizzled over ready dishes is also good for health.

Keeping hygienic cutlery and pots and pans is equally as important as cooking right. A food processor, blender, refrigerator and a well-stocked pantry can help you cook well and easy.