Cop Asks Jogger To Run On Sidewalk, Arrests Her When She Doesn’t (Video)

ANN ARBOR, MI — A Brighton woman recently pleaded guilty in court to resisting arrest, but contends she shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place. Vera Pecaj, 40, was charged in January with resisting and obstructing arrest, a felony, after a run-in with Green Oak Township Police Officer Michael Jain.

Pecaj, a native of France and a teacher, was running on her regular route in Green Oak Township when Jain stopped to advise her she needed to run on the sidewalk. Pecaj admits she declined to give the officer her name and that she was upset. However, she maintains she did nothing wrong. “I’m a citizen that respects the law. I don’t go out there doing something wrong,” Pecaj said. “It’s humiliating to be treated that. I still believe I did nothing wrong.”

Audio recording from the arrest shows her screaming and swearing for several minutes as Jain arrested her and took her to the Livingston County jail.