Could early morning workouts help kids?

Could early morning workouts help kids

I’ve long appreciated an early morning workout, in fact, I almost only workout in the morning. For me, it gets me in a much better mood for the challenging day ahead, and while I could never really prove this, I feel like I’ve been more alert throughout the day! As it turns out, this might be the same for kids.

The early exercise program began in mid-January and is held every Thursday morning for 20 minutes.
Appropriately enough, one of the routines on this Valentine’s Day was the “cupid shuffle”. School Nurse Ann Ruppand Food Service Director Tara Schooler team up to lead the weekly exercise. Rupp says the kids look forward to the weekly workout… and adds it also helps them academically.

“The research shows that if you do exercise before school…before a test…they actually do better..they perform better on tests…they increase their concentration; their mood is better…just overall, they do better in school,” Rupp said.

Rupp and Schooler are also involved with the Silver Lake Eagles Fitness Club, an after-school activity that started last fall and should be back up and running early next month.


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