Could Your Gym Supplements Make You Aggressive?

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Bodybuilders are often prone to protein and supplement intake. Often the reason why bodybuilders are involving supplements in workout is the strong desire for rapid muscle mass increase. It is said that, supplements are the backbone for many bodybuilders who are willing to shape the body with minimal effort as quickly as possible. No matter if one is looking to gain a kilogram or way more than that, supplements are often used to speed up the process of gaining body mass and even to eliminate pain during exercise.

Whey protein isn’t as good as it seems

 The thing is, we don’t often hear about drawbacks carried by supplements. Even whey protein has drawbacks. Whey protein is the most popular supplement. As an excuse, bodybuilders say whey protein is nothing more but a pure protein that has been extracted from milk or soy. While partially true, British Dietetic Association claims whey protein may cause liver and kidney failure and increase aggression. Namely, studies have shown that excessive intake of protein definitely causes aggression and mood swings. It is mainly because protein supplements contain metals such as lead and mercury. The latter one is responsible for mood swings and depression in many cases. In other test, mice and dogs were fed by supplements. Trials have shown that excessive amounts of protein caused aggression.

Creatine is similar to whey protein by its structure. It provides muscular power and relieves pain. As a side effect you just get mood swing, which at the end of the day, isn’t worth it. Although creatine is naturally occurring in the body, excessive amount of creatine beside mood swings, may cause anxiety, panic attacks and aggression

Other artificial supplements like methylhexanamine are even worse

Methylhexanamine, commonly known as DMAA, the last year has been pulled out from the shelves after the Food Standards Agency in the USA declared this supplement as potentially dangerous. Methylhexanamine has been primarily used as a nasal decongestant in 1944. Later someone eventually came up with an idea that methylhexanamine is a great dietary supplement for growing muscles. It took over 50 years for the USA, New Zealand and few other countries to realize this substance is dangerous. Firstly, New Zealand put restrictions on the mentioned supplement back in 2009 when they indicated that this substance is potentially dangerous. In the first 2 years, only bulk purchases of the supplement weren’t allowed. Last year, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and few other countries marked this substance as dangerous and since then it’s not allowed to sell or purchase this substance by any means. Use of this supplement also leads to aggression.

Anabolic Steroids
Anabolic steroids are widely used, but bodybuilders aren’t prone to talk about it like it’s an open secret. Regardless if anabolic steroids are abused or no, steroids are dangerous and may cause many health implications. It’s a common knowledge that anabolic steroids cause less productivity of sperm, shrinkage of the testicles and even may trigger hair loss. However, that’s still nothing compared to the less known fact that anabolic steroids may cause liver damage, heart diseases, interference with the nervous system and even trigger off cancer.

Creatine and protein aren’t officially banned, but I’m thinking if it took 50 years for the US to ban methylhexanamine, how long it will take for the US and other countries to realize artificial protein and creatine aren’t that good as it seems at the first sight.



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