Couple Learns About Pregnancy Through Wife’s Fitbit (Video)

When Reddit user David Trinidad looked at his wife’s Fitbit data and noticed her heart rate was well above normal, he posted his concerns on the popular message-board site.

It all began when 34-year-old David Trinidad of New York thought his wife’s tracker, which she had had for about a month, was malfunctioning. So he posted about the problem on Reddit, writing, “My wifes fitbit is showing her heartbeat being consistently high over the last few days.” He then asks the group if there might be an issue with the sensor or if the device needed to be recalibrated. Among the responses was one that suggested a possible pregnancy. Unbeknownst to Trinidad, women commonly experience elevated heart rates when they are expecting. That night, his wife took several at-home pregnancy tests which confirmed the good news. They had, in fact, been trying to conceive for months. The next day, Trinidad announced his impending fatherhood on Reddit and has since returned to thank the community for all their support and well wishes.