Crazy Treadmill Workout: Three Moves That Won’t Bore You




Many individuals who plan to indulge in regular exercise often shun away from a treadmill workout. They find it boring and interesting. I had the same kind of attitude. But that was before I understood what a treadmill workout was all about. The treadmill workout is done indoors but there are three interesting factors that converge to make it successful: Time, Speed and Incline. Once I understood this, I saw that it will never become a boring exercise routine. I can engage in a crazy treadmill workout just like most of my friends are doing. This is the fastest way to burn those extra calories and be healthy.

The Alternating Moves

Most treadmill routines are cardio workouts. For beginners, I would suggest a 20 minute workout progressing to 30 minutes after a week or so. The idea behind the alternating moves is that you walk, then jog, then run. You start with the slow speeds and then gradually increase the speed. This will not be a boring exercise. The alternating moves will allow you to think and anticipate when will be the time to walk, then jog and then run. In order to increase stamina, the incline can be adjusted after doing the routines for a week or so. However, if it’s too soon, the alternating moves will do just fine, just move to the next time level of 45 minutes.

The Hill Climbing Moves

For those who have been doing treadmill exercises, the hill climbing move is the cardio booster and fat burner. It is a challenge on how high can you go using the treadmill. The minimum has to be 45 minutes to make it successful. The move starts with a 3 minute warm-up after which the speed level is increased to 5-6 at a speed of 6 and an incline of 1.0. After 5 minutes, increase the incline by 2 so the incline is now 3. After another 5 minutes increase the incline by 2 so now the incline is set at 5. Lastly, after 5 minutes increase the incline by 2 so the incline is now at 7, but then decrease your speed to 4 and continue on. Who says treadmill workouts are boring?

The Mixed Marathon Moves

Marathon lovers will love this mixed moves. It consists of running, sprinting and climbing. The idea is to mimic what people do in a marathon. Does it sound interesting? Yes it is interesting and challenging. It starts with a regular flat ground run for 10 minutes at speed of 7.5 on the meter. Then increase the speed for the sprint for 15 minutes. The next thing is do the hill climb for 15 minutes until you hit the maximum 7 incline. Finish off with another 10 minute flat run followed by a 5 minute cool-down and you’re done!

This crazy treadmill workout is a stamina builder and an immune system builder. My experience, as well as the online healthcare information searches, tells me that it strengthens the heart with its cardio-centered moves and it burns calories fast. Since most of us do work than forces us to sit down for hours and outdoor exercises are time-consuming then a treadmill workout is just ideal.



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