Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In Bizarre Commercial For ‘Facial Fitness’ Device (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In Bizarre Commercial For 'Facial Fitness' Device (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo was recently in Japan promoting a bizarre product called Pao Facial Fitness that requires the user to put a winged device in their mouth and bob their head up and down, supposedly strengthening their cheeks.

After unveiling the device on a Japanese TV show, Ronaldo watched as one of the program’s hosts demonstrated how to use it. And judging by Ronaldo’s reaction, it was either the first time he’d seen someone actually do it or it was the moment that he suddenly regretted some of his life choices.

Ronaldo also appears in a commercial for Pao’s companion product — a massager that looks like genitalia. And for that one, the company was able to convince him to actually use it as intended.


via Yahoo