De-Stressing To Achieve Better Mental Fitness

De-stressing to achieve better mental fitness

Stress is a natural element of life. We all take stress but some of us take it at far higher levels than others which ultimately lead to poor physical and mental health. There are certain stressors (circumstances or things that cause stress) in our life that cause depression and tension which ultimately leads to stress. Scientific studies have proved that excessive stress causes high blood pressure, weakens the immune system, slows down the digestion process, affects the breathing rate, causes insomnia and also causes muscle tension. For those who are continually stressed, this article highlights key techniques which can be taken to grapple the stress monster and distance it away from your life.

De-stressing techniques:

  • Focusing on stress management diet:

Research has proven that there are some foods which actually help to calm your nerves, soothe your nervous system and have a tranquilizing effect on the mind. These are:

Chocolates: There is no wonder why chocolates are just everybody’s favorites. They are enriched with a substance called flavanoids which have a relaxing effect on the mind. Moreover, they contain a special mood enhancing chemical called phenethylamine which instantly helps you to brighten up.

Warm milk: For years, research has continually pointed to the fact that warm milk has a calming effect on the mind and greatly helps to keep stress at bay.

Salmon: Omega 3 fatty acids are the miracle components of nature working positively in every health condition. They are powerful stress de-bunkers as they upraise the serotonin levels and suppress the anxiety hormones.

Besides these, drinking black tea, eating nuts, blueberries, oranges or fresh vegetables can all help to fight stress and transform your negative thoughts in to positively happy ones.

  • Positive attitude is the key:

Positive attitude simply means reframing your thoughts and aligning them in a brighter context. Change your way of thinking. Ready your mind for the worst. Learn to face challenges with courage instead of fear and stress. Problems and troubles are merely how we perceive them to be. If you are optimistic, you will always have a bold plan to face your problems instead of stressing away towards depression and ill health.

  • Share your troubles:

Friends and family are the joys of life and a very strong support system. Sharing your troubles and concerns with them is one of the most wonderful ways of getting rid of your stress. If problems are taxing your brain heavily, go out for shopping or partying with a friend. Laughter is always the best medicine and spending quality time with friends and family is a prime method of escaping useless concerns and unhealthy stress.

  • Exercise:

Exercises such as stretching, yoga, relaxation poses, deep breathing, meditation and tai chi have proved to suppress stress hormones and boost up metabolism and immune system. Dedicating a small portion of your time daily towards exercise is the best way to remain stress free and fitfully balanced in your life.

  • Take up an interesting hobby:

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The more time you have to focus on your everyday life and the hazards associated with the act of living, the more you will take idle stress. Busy yourself in a healthy work routine. Allot some hours each day to an interesting hobby. Take up cooking, baking, sewing, crotchet, painting, reading etc to keep your mind constructively busy and happy.

  • Adequate sleep:

Insufficient sleep or lack of sleep is the root cause of many health related problems. The better you sleep, the fresher your mind is and the more energized your whole body feels.

Remember that stress in inevitable and a normal phenomenon of life. The smart way to face and combat stress is to draw out your own strategies and organize your mind and your priorities. There is no problem which is without a solution. Every problem that enters in your life can also go out through a door created by you!