Deadlift Strength Training Workout – Build Size & Strength In ONE Workout (Video)

Checkout this great deadlift strength training workout fromĀ Vince DelMonte.

Are you ready to start pulling more off the floor than your grandma? If so, then get ready for the #1 strength training deadlift workout!

WARNING: BIG Balls required…

If you’re one of those dudes that prefer the Planet Fitness style workouts and atmosphere…

This workout is NOT for you!

You will be challenged to the max – Physically and Mentally…

But if you can stick with this workout, after a few weeks you will have everyone in your gym wondering…


You’ll often be asked “what you’re on” (even though you’ve never taken “the juice” before).

Yes, it’s one of those satisfyingly annoying benefits of being one of the BIGGEST and STRONGEST guys in your gym.

And once you’re able to start pulling big numbers off the floor, not only will your back, legs, core and grip strength skyrocket…

But you’ll also pack on muscle to your entire frame.


Because Deadlifts are a TOTAL body exercise.

Hence why you often hear deadlifts referred to as “the king of total-body exercises”.

So if you’re ready to start lifting heavier loads and become the BEAST of your gym it’s time for some…


Here’s the workout for today:

Deadlift Series:

Snatch Grip Deadlifts – 2×5
41X0 Tempo
6 second pause at all 3 positions

Snatch Grip Deadlifts on Floor – 2×4
3020 Tempo
2 second pause 2″ off the floor

Clean Grip Deficit Deadlifts – 2×3
31X0 Tempo
8 second eccentric on last rep

Clean Grip Deadlifts on floor – 2×2
31X0 Tempo

Clean Grip Block Pulls – 2×1
20X0 Tempo