Deadlifting 101 (Video)

Deadlifting 101

Weightlifting is an intimidating health enhancing activity to start doing, and will provide you with results quickly if you stay focused and take the weights seriously. However, now there is a new way to gain muscle definition: deadlifting. Though deadlifting sounds kind of weird, it does, in fact, help sculpt your body. By toning your body, at the end of your deadlifting stint, you will end up with a body that is stronger and in a sexier state than it was before. Deadlifting is beneficial for both men and women alike, and will help all different body types get started on building up the muscles in their bodies.

Deadlift front


Deadlift rear

Since weightlifting is just as beneficial and builds up the bodies muscles, why is deadlifting becoming so popular? Deadlifting is actually one of the most important compound exercises for your body, ranking in directly under the squatting exercise, because it activates nearly all of the muscles in your body with the heaviest weights that you are able to lift possible. The exercise will also promote a better and healthier posture for your body, as well as preventing other ailments (such as hernias) from your body’s future. Deadlifting is considered to be somewhat legendary in the exercise world due to the the rigorous workout it provides the person doing the exercise. By working the lower-back and leg to their full potentials, you workout the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and the entire core, which then eliminate the need for any extra abdominal workouts. Deadlifting is preferred to crunches because of it’s ability to work out the entire body.

Deadlifting is described as the picking up of a weighted barbell off of the ground to a resting position around the hip level. Just like any kind of exercise, you will need to begin this with a certain level of confidence in order to not be intimidated by the excessive weight of the barbell. You will need to stand about shoulder width apart with your feet pointed forward while standing with the barbell located behind you. Then lower your bottom until your quads are parallel to the floor; have the bar just ahead of your shins. Place your hands about shoulder width apart with the right overhand and the left underhand– alternate between the two in order for optimal comfort levels.

With a slight arch of your back, push your legs backward so that the bar clears your knees and comes to rest on your upper thigh. Lift the bar by pushing your legs to the floor while maintaining a high chin and chest. Do not sway your back or lift the bar up by locking your legs. Stay in an erect position with your body, pulling up until you are at arms’ length and the bar stopped at thigh level. Then you will lower the bar by pushing your hips back first, and then bending at your knees once the bar reaches knee level.

In order to avoid injury to your body, you should begin with a super-lightweight barbell in order to develop the proper form. Make sure that you avoid any kind of jerking movements, keeping your movements smooth; your arms should be hanging straight down at your sides the entire time. If proper form is not consistent then there is a possibility of a torn bicep! Do not bow knees in and out and keep the weight as close to your center as possible. Continue concentrating on keeping a nice arch with your back, with your chest and chin aimed upward and your eyes looking straight ahead. Never round your back at any time. If you follow these steps and continue to work on your posture, you will see results from deadlifting in no time.