Developing Your Six Pack Abs – The Sign of Peak Fitness and Health

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So you want a six-pack abs to show yourself off! If you’ve tried using all the tips under the sun and all your hard-work has gone in vain, then you are not alone who is going through this situation. It becomes really difficult, especially if you need the results quickly. Fat accumulation is rather faster in the abdominal area and waist.  Some factors that aids in fat deposition is sedentary lifestyle, high fat diet and heredity.

The abdomen area has six set of muscles.  These muscles are hidden under the body fats.  The only way to reveal these muscles is to get rid of the fat around it and tone them with exercise.  This is not as simple as it seems.  Shedding fat can be quite challenging.  The body tends to lose fat equally throughout the body.  You cannot reduce the fat only from a particular area of the body.  So, it is not possible to focus only on your tummy fat and get rid of it.  This is the reason most of the abs exercises don’t give the desired results.


A balanced diet is important for six pack abs.  Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and every metabolic activity needs energy, which we receive from it.  It is necessary to take the carbs in the right quantity.  However, if the Carbs are not utilized they are converted into fat.  Therefore, it is important to consume carbohydrates depending upon your physical activity.

There are two types of fats, good and bad.  Bad fats like trans-fats accumulate in the body and they are found in fried food stuff, fatty meat and most of the junk-food.  Hence, these foods should be avoided.  Another category of fats is good fats.  Our body needs good fat, as it regulates the insulin production.  Increase of insulin in the blood aids in weight gain.  Some of the richest sources of good fats are fish oil, nuts in raw form, avocado etc.

Fruits are rich in nutrients and fibre.  Always remember, fresh fruits should be preferred over tetra-pack juices.  Juice contains high level of concentrated sugar, which increases the sugar level in the blood.

Alcohol and Weight-Gain

It is a strict no-no to alcohol if you are a weight-watcher.  Almost all forms of alcohol are high in calories, beer being the highest of all.  The other reason for weight gain is that drinking increases appetite for a short term and the body will have an excess of energy due to this.  However, most of the energy remains unused and deposits as fat in the body.

Exercises for a Sculpted Six Pack Abs

If you are aspiring for 6 pack abs, start with cardio exercise.  During Cardio exercise the body uses the glucose and sugar from the blood and tissues.  Once this stock is exhausted, the body utilizes the fats of the body as the fuel.

Always start with a light to moderate Cardio exercise, like brisk walking, jogging etc.  The intensity can be gradually increased with increase in endurance.  It could be boring if you are working out the same endurance training exercise daily.  To beat the monotony, do a combination of two or more types of exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises are fitting as they can be outdoors and in the gym.  Some of the excellent outdoor exercises are jogging, cycling, mountain climbing or biking.  You can take up any of the field sports like football or basketball, which is equally beneficial.

At the gym the best Cardio exercises are running on a treadmill, aero-biking, rowing and stepping.  Once the waistline is free of fat, you can tone up the abs muscle by doing some power stomach-crunches to get the ripped six-pack abs you always dreamed of.



Author’s Bio:

Geoffrey Ashe has been devoting a lot of time on his fitness program. Now he proudly sports a 6 pack abs, which he has been able to achieve with the help of muscle building supplements.