Diet to Avoid Acne

Diet to avoid or get rid of acne. Eat lean, be clean and avoid nasty dirty foods. Remove acne from your face with this diet plan.

There is nothing as bad as having an important day – presentation or photo shoot and you discovering a huge zit on your face. Wasn’t a clear skin a perk for no longer being a teenager? Nevertheless, acne breakouts are no more related to teenage. Some dermatologists believe that acne breakouts may last till the age of 35. If you are not looking for topical creams and oral medications to treat acne but want to prevent it beforehand, then some dining options can be very helpful. Acne can be kept in control as long as you know what to eat and what not to eat. Here we will give you some dietary tips that can help treat acne as well as prevent breakouts.

Dietary Tips to Avoid Acne:

Avoid Refined Carbohydrates and Eat Whole Grains:

Refined carbohydrates such as sugar or some products made from processing white flour are stimulants to cause the blood sugar levels rise, further followed by elevated insulin levels. Research studies show that some overweight women suffering from acne breakouts have high blood insulin levels. Hormones such as insulin is thus, said to be crucial in acne treatment.

Chronic stress can also cause the hormonal balance to suffer and shoot up the body insulin levels. So in addition to living a stress-free life, switch to whole-grain diet and eat bread and pastas made of whole cereals only. Replacing sugar with some natural sweetener products can be helpful in stabilizing the insulin levels.

Reduce Dairy Intakes:

You have been told of the innumerable benefits of milk since your childhood days and it has at times made you gulp glasses of milk involuntarily. Milk is rich in protein and calcium and thus, important for your overall growth. However, too many glasses of milk and other dairy products such as cheese, and creamy desserts can cause pimples.

So instead of fulfilling the body’s demand of proteins through milk and other dairy products, try including protein and calcium rich vegetables in your diet. Soy, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, salmon, sardines, kale and collard greens are better alternatives for dairy products to get proteins and calcium.


If you find it unable to get out of your bed without the morning cup of tea or coffee and if your consumption of caffeinated drinks is frequent during the whole day too, it can be good enough ground for acne breakouts. Caffeine contents are acne triggers and can throw hormones off balance. So, try to replace caffeinated drinks with herbal tea or alternatives such as Teeccino.

Oily and Salty Products:

Oily products, especially the ones prepared of low-quality oil and super processed oils can rev up the follicles and flare up acne. Peanuts and peanut products are also acne triggers. So, eat food rich in healthy fats such as nuts and avocados. Baked products can be chosen over fried items to prevent acne.

Avoid salty products or limit the salt intake, especially of iodized salts as studies reflect that people with acne breakouts have elevated levels of iodine in their bloodstream that leads to zits.

Some foodies can say they live to eat while you might eat to live. For both these group of people, it is certain that their diet affects their looks. So, if you are fed up of your acne breakouts and need a solution to it, it can be as simple as making some significant changes to your diet. Drink lots of water and include green leafy vegetables and fruits into your diet to control the breakouts and enjoy a fresh, clear and vibrant skin.