Dieting and Depression



Eating habits make changes in our bodies so as in our moods too. According to the study published in International Journal of Obesity, low fat diet may cause certain chemicals changes in our brain which creates our corticosteroids levels elevated. Cortex of the adrenal glands functions for male and female kidney system and also controls mood swings and depression. Fat is very essential element to maintain our mood and happiness. When we are on diet and try to consume less fat, brain chemicals starts elevating and we start feeling like a drug withdrawals.  Anger, depression, sadness, and reduced focus are the main symptoms when body facing low fat diet.

Low-fat diet in which only 11% calories are coming from fat is compared with high-fat diet in which 58% calories are coming from fat. During this study six week diet plan on two different groups are observed and found that anxiousness level are higher in high-fat consumers.

Oho don’t be so worry about it. Revamp your diet without creating any mess with your mood by following these tips that will not only boost your energy and mood levels but also help to control your weight in healthy manner.

  • Incorporate natural fat in your diet rather synthetic or refined ones. Natural fats from almond, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, one glass of 35% fat milk, and natural butter etc. are healthy choices. They make your liver functioning effective and help your body to burn fat and also make you feel happy.
  • Foods that are good in stress maintenance should be in your diet like asparagus, avocados, blueberries, green tea, swiss chard, and carrot. These foods are anti-stress remedy and help you to increase energy in life.
  • Vitamin B complex omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are also very helpful for brain functioning and reduce stress levels.  Eating salmon, chicken and whole grains is a good idea.
  • Re-energies yourself by eating boiled eggs, edamame, mix fruits, and quinoa. Create a healthy meal plan which makes your body to adjust it gradually.

Remember that your body is your investment. If you don’t give him right he will not repay you your desire.