Difference Between Fitness Modeling and Bodybuilding?



Although at the first sight fitness modeling and bodybuilding seem the same, they still have some differences in between. Starting off with history, bodybuilding has been around since 1960’s when athletes from Soviet started to use testosterone hormones to grow muscles. However, bodybuilding isn’t necessarily involved in steroid intake and it can be completely natural as fitness modeling is. I have outlined several differences between those two terms below.

Main differences between fitness modeling and bodybuilding-
The main difference between fitness and bodybuilding is that fitness modeling doesn’t require weightlifting. Body building is primarily involved in pushing and pulling heavy weights. By weightlifting muscles grow faster and athletes slowly gain more physical power. It’s a general rule that weightlifting is a relatively easy way to gain muscle mass. Body builders are leaning towards outstanding look of a powerful and strong man with huge muscles. Fitness is sort of the opposite. The main objective of fitness modeling is to stay in shape and lead an active and healthy life. Fitness modeling isn’t nothing more but burning off the calories on a daily basis in order to stay – fit. While body building is one step towards gaining weight, fitness isn’t necessarily about building body mass. It’s about having a fit and nicely shaped body. Men are primarily interested in body building while women are primarily interested in fitness activities.

Fitness modeling doesn’t require exercise on a daily basis-
Another important difference is amount of activity. One body building session sometimes may last over 2 hours. A fitness session usually lasts around 45 minutes. Fitness is a great way to get rid of stress as well after a hectic day. Body building usually requires constant work for a prolonged period of time, 4 or 5 times a week. Fitness requires less exercise with less effort and muscle strain.

Most bodybuilders are eating a lot of protein-
To put more thought into this research, I have discovered that body builders are eating a lot of protein. Since protein is very important for building muscles, in order to gain muscle mass many body builders opt for drinking protein shakes, eating fish and white meat on a daily basis. Fitness is a different story when it comes to food. Fitness basically means “getting fit” and it’s not necessary to eat particular food in order to become or stay fit. Fitness is more leaned towards eating healthy food, mainly salads, vegetables and fruits. People who perform fitness workouts are usually looking to lose some fat actually.

Body builders grow muscles while fitness models stretch muscles-
Body builders are usually lifting weights and doing pushups in order to properly shape the body. Bodybuilding is about growing musculature on forearms, legs, chest and back. Fitness isn’t about growing muscles. Fitness is about keeping muscles strong through exercise without weightlifting involved. Fitness involves physical exercise mainly through stretching muscles. But not any muscles. Fitness modeling is primarily intended to train a strong stomach and shape leg muscles without fat. On that way, muscles stay strong but not too expressed as it is the case with body building. Bodybuilding is about growing big muscles while fitness is about keeping the optimal figure between skinny and fat.



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