Disabled Harold Hill woman finishes marathon in four days



A Harold Hill woman with cerebral palsy is vowing to walk independently after completing the London Marathon in four days. Nicole hugging dad Mark Evans surrounded by friends and familiy.Nicole hugging dad Mark Evans surrounded by friends and familiy.

Nicole Evans, of Hitchin Close, completed the route in 21 hours and 15 minutes using a walking frame, raising an incredible £3,000 for sports inclusion charity Interactive. She was cheered along by friends and family and has been congratulated with letters from Boris Johnson and Bob Smith from England Athletics. Nicole said: “It was an amazing experience to start from nothing and be able to walk 26.2 miles. “I want to take my training into day-to-day life and eventually leave the wheelchair behind.”

The 25-year-old has had cerebral palsy since birth and was diagnosed with degenerative muscle disease proximal myopathy in 2010. “The doctors pretty much said I should sit and wait for the inevitable to happen. But I thought: ‘Hang on, I’m only in my 20s, I can’t just sit here for 30 years’.” The diagnosis sparked Nicole’s ambition to complete the marathon and she began working with personal trainer Andrew Hole in 2011.

She battled bad weather and traffic to complete the route, travelling home to rest each night. Mum Shelley Evans said: “The way Nicole fought through the wind and rain showed true spirit. We’re all so proud.” London Marathon officials did not recognise Nicole’s effort because the time taken to complete the race and breaks. When family friend and fellow marathon runner Matt Hill found out, he donated his own medal to Nicole, calling her a “true inspiration”. Now the sky is the limit for Nicole, who is considering the New York Marathon and even a triathlon. She said: “This was a personal challenge, something I had always dreamed of but never thought was possible. “Now I know what I can do I’m not going to sit here waiting for my condition to deteriorat.

via Romford Recorder