Discover The Benefits Of Runnning

The top benefits of running. Looking for the overall benefits of running exercise? See this infographic article.

Via NordicTrack

Exercise is essential for optimal health for the human body.  There are a lot of exercises that are beneficial for the body but there is one workout that a lot of people are turning to: running.

Decreased Body Fat:  Running has been proven to assist a person in their efforts to drop unhealthy weight and body fat.

Endurance:  Running helps strengthen a person’s heart and lungs, which is one of the many benefits of running.

Mental Health:  Endorphins are released when a person runs, creating a pain relieving, “happy” feeling.  Also, by running a person gains confidence.

Stronger Immune System:  By running a person becomes stronger, inside and out, which can boost a person’s immune system to help fight off infections.

Stronger Joints:  A person has the ability to increase their bone density because of the constant impact that the foot has when it hits the ground, sending essential minerals to the bones while they are under stress from ground impact.